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RoTa to bring NABEL egg processing equipment to the US

A new partnership between vision engineering technology company RoTa Technologies and processing equipment manufacturer NABEL Co., Ltd. will bring egg grading and packing equipment to the U.S. market.

RoTa Technologies/NABEL: A Powerful Match

RoTa Technologies is the exclusive U.S. distributor of NABEL Co. Ltd., a leader in egg grading and packing equipment in the Asian poultry market.

Vision Based Egg Counting System

How to get accurate egg counts in an egg production environment. How Rota Technologies, LLC solves the problem with artificial intelligence and machine learning – Automated Vision Egg Counting System.

The Egg Surveillance System (Automated Debris Detection)

Rota Technologies, LLC is offering a solution to help Egg Poultry Farms reduce the amount of damaged equipment and slower production rates from equipment stoppage or breakdown due to foriegn debris and excessive manure on their conveyor belts.