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Egg Flow Efficiency System (EFES)

An Automated Egg Guiding Divider System

Enhance egg productions and profitability

through constant monitoring of egg flow and instantaneous adjustment of dividers. Make a positive impact on production efficiency with a system that provides operators a simple and easy way to adjust egg dividers.

What it does:

Displays a live aerial view of the belt to an HMI smart video screen for appropriate adjustments

Allows remote access to adjust dividers from an office PC or tablet

Monitors a mechanical upgraded egg guiding divider system

Processes images every second and through proprietary algorithms controls the dividers automatically

Sets dividers on a reaction time for how often to update and when to move

Offers a manual mode for operators to adjust with the press of a button

Increase egg production and your bottom line

with our system’s constant monitoring of eggflow and instantaneous adjustment of the dividers. The system detects empty areas on the belt, automatically moves egg guide dividers, and prevents eggs from breaking when piling up during heavy egg flow scenarios.

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