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Egg Grading Machine


ORACION6000 is the most popular egg grading machine in the middle-range capacity.

It is equipped with the new collection mechanism of three-layer structure. This egg grader succeeded in shortening the machine length and saving the space, by removing multiple lines for eggs of few rate, such as extra-large and extra-small. Timely computer control of the second and the third dropset layer allows eggs to be steadily set onto trays.



Capacity (Max.)

60,000 eggs/hour

Power Capacity

3-phase 200V

Working Environment

Ambient temperature: 0-40°C

Ambient humidity: 20-90%

*No condensation is allowed.

Optional Equipment

Multi Loader


Abnormal Detector

Crack Detector

Dirt Detector

UV Sterilizer

Washer and Drier

Foam Cleaning System

Multi Denester

Carton Closer

Carton Stamper

Inkjet Program