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Automatic Crack Detector

World’s best performance by acoustic technology. Fourier transform method was used in the crack detector for the first time in the world. It detects cracked eggs by analyzing tones and acoustics of sound when the eggs are tapped. Tappers tap each egg 16 times from different directions continuously and detect cracked eggs by analyzing its sound. While the detection rate by image-sensing is about 60%, the detection rate dramatically improved to 95% by this technology, as an invisible crack can be detected by its sound. In spite of its large size and thick eggshell, the crack detector can detect cracks on duck eggs with the same accuracy as on chicken eggs. It removes cracked eggs and assists an essential process of producing century eggs.

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Automatic Dirt Detector

The world’s best performance by high-speed image analysis. The crystallization of NABEL’s excellent computer technology. 6 photos are taken for each egg by 2 or 3 cameras. Detect dirty eggs from the images by analyzing dimensions and colors of dirt.

Leak Detector

Automatic Detection of Leaking Eggs. Leak Detector automatically detects and rejects leaking eggs on the infeed conveyors of NABEL egg graders. Leaking eggs used to be removed by eyes and by hands of operators because those eggs contaminate egg graders and other eggs, which leads to biosecurity risks. Mechanical detection based on high-precision camera and image analysis keep detection level stable as it does not depend on the operator’s individual skills or experiences.

Abnormal Egg Detector

Transmitted light shows internal condition without breaking in the past, it had been a big issue that the egg candling by human eyes in the process of egg distribution because it had lower reliability and also needed much time and effort. ABD900 series can solve this problem at once. NABEL has developed a top performance product for the purpose of fully automated candling.